Typing: How to separate the base from the inadequacy of small functions.

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Let's try to lift the veil on the mystery of solniki –

“how to separate the base from the inadequacy of small functions”.

Iren – Yes, we will try to answer you.

I noticed that the basic functions of feeding the negative – they reflect the man and can calmly discuss, and when applying the negative on small and especially the activation – manifested direct physiological response, and if you clearly define the semantics of the functions (Oh then the whole field activities) it is possible to study it.

But – how is it that in some cases they reflect the person and in others they reflect, it seems that a function or base or is not working properly! And all entangled in the tests from hundreds of questions.

But things are not so difficult – our great woman, as it was called S. And. Churyumov waiting for nedodelka when have f-finally W “One type will soon go out of fashion, this can be proved, person will have at least two types.” -> (http://iceman.socionics.kiev.ua/novogodnyaya-razdacha-podarka/)

Really – socionics, watching patients, come to the conclusion that patients explicitly manifested something else besides just model And simple operation, and so, little by little come to the version that there are some subtypes!

But(!!!) But in the model And there is no place for subtypes, and this is a socionics subtypes do not accept in principle.

Well, let no subtypes, but what is? – and there are archetypically stable region of the psyche (it was not my idea, and Jung) and with Jung not to argue.

We will not go down in attempts to build the structure of the psyche – try to explain how is it that the person that reflects that they reflect? The base then suddenly not adequate?

Gulenko In. In. Man as a type system.” – “Hypothesis: TWO types in one person”

The answer is that he was referring to Ausra – have a person base type and the second is so meaningful that they almost merge, but allowing it – how to divide them?

To divide and study them easier on these patients as I – in which these two types are so different that it is generally a rarity in nature – they should call internal audit, mental stress and overload, such types are very rare in nature!

So how to distinguish the base from the second?

Here, too, can be a long time to understand, I think that one is genetically determined, innate and not directly dependent on the first generation of parents, the second – what formed the child, until he had a functional T. n. “mirror neurons”, that is, in early childhood or in the womb.

If the base type is genetically determined – the primary such signs (“With. Churyumov say – and where this is evident? and prove” – from the understanding of the aspects of the objective world in which we have not yet figured out) – the fractal is manifested and visible on a physiological level signs:

1. statics-dynamics.
2. introversion-extroversion.

These symptoms are clearly manifested at the physiological level and must be measurable, that partly confirmed my trip to the center Inmed to Golovakha M. And. http://inmed.org.ua/home

Next is not quite solved the problem of a clear definition “how to clearly distinguish sensory from Intuit” in the base type – that's why I constantly raised this question in all topics – because its a decision I have not before clarified consv.

So we somehow have tests or so – multiple versions of the TIM-s, how all the same to separate the second?

The method of guesses, but it is not easy and more accurate – the subtype will be specified explicitly visible aspects of the mother – if the mother is clearly visible sensation, the child will have increased intuition, if ethics – child for symmetry compensation – to have a logical subtype. After all, the principle of compensation – it is a realized, in an isolated system must be at least some symmetry (and prove… and then we'll deal, I feel the experience of Cycling and driving smile emoticon )

So it is already possible to clarify – where the base and where the innate – the method of successive approximation, and successive approximation will do the same mapping month and year of birth, for example Aquarius reinforces the quixotic tendencies, etc.

Next you need to consider that innate type and subtype is particularly obvious in different years of life, for example, the child is generally possible to observe a clear subtype and not notice the type.

Thus resolves the contradiction – in limbo. And we can resolve a lot of disputes, this is very important. And practice of socionics can explain from a scientific point of view, the variety of what brought all to a standstill questioning the whole socionics at all.

The child has in addition to the innate type – imposed – he dwalen or semi-dual to the mother.

Now let us consider an example, it is not difficult – look – man does not understand that the sensation, normally survives, no stumbles, never hurts, and do not break hands and feet even when gets drunk to unconsciousness, but (!) but as a child did not tolerate sharp, stale, was very picky about the food, loved clear agreement and tried never to lie and not to break promises, but still very worried that may break a tooth – there was such fear, but with age began to build radio station, repairing (for myself) cars, to build a house and generally being not yourself in the deep childhood? Who his mother? of course Dreiser. And it explains everything.

Looking ahead we can say that in the psyche there are other archetypal functional areas and mechanisms, for example, when a brutal internal audit – psyche is protected by a transition to middle-level.

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