Why socionics wrong when tipirovanii

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Main error occurs in tipirovanii – that tipiruûŝie have forgotten the fundamentals of socionics.

If you find out inner conflicts and their projection to the outside, is intertype interaction of genetically given and imposed type, as rightly pointed out – In. Gulenko: “a man described as a person with a specific structure, we take the base type, genetically predetermined, applied type, “shell”, which is formed by the environment.” http://www.socionics.org/theory/loader.aspx…
further to describe the structure – it is necessary to correctly type his archetypal functional area, which is also structurally arranged in a symmetrically offset manner depending on the imposed and the innate types, that is, to determine at least the axis anima-persona and the ego-shadow – Gulenko In. V.: “Man as a type system.”

The problem of diagnosis of the Ego and Person” http://sociolib.info/articles/types/systyp/ – here it should be noted that if we accept that the superimposed type is anima, then it all makes sense semantically to certain places – person sometimes bulges situational and not very noticeable, and when typing is often seen anima,

By the way the oculomotor reactions and facial expressions cannot be attributed exclusively to a genetically specified type, on genetically specified indicates extroversion/introversion and statics/dynamics – I know for myself – I have oculomotor reactions completely formed after 3 years, because lying in the manger I thought – why do some children turn his eyes and frowning, and I really don't care and I thought – we must learn from them )))) then he learned how to shake and shoulders and other facial expressions and head movements in different situations… but 3 years is clearly not evident, but in terms of temperament – my fracture happened after the army – before her I was silent, now if important – it is not very

On this other socionics, not familiar with the research In. Gulenko – mistakenly negate reducing to zero which is evident when you first meet a person – his shell – imposed type and the type of socialization mistaking their symptoms for manifestations of a genetically specified type – without the knowledge that the person has two type – it is impossible to correctly diagnose – you will see conflicting evidence not understanding why suddenly one type looks exactly like the other – only clearly aware of the fact that the above – you can start typing

what I clearly remember “a man described as a person with a specific structure, we take the base TYPE (1), genetically predetermined (2), applied TYPE (3), “shell”, which is formed by the environment” (C) Victor Vladimirovich. Total 3 (three) type!

Never tipirovschiki not forget these basic fundamentals of socionics!

Gulenko saw that one model not to describe the behavior of the whole person, the mechanics of thinking, bodies and mechanisms of the psyche, this made a very simplified attempt to do so on the basis of their psychological experience. And on the great woman – Ausra is of course understood that one thing – model a, and another thing – the whole person, she claimed that “One type will soon go out of fashion, this can be proved, person will have at least two types.” – an audio recording of the report http://psylike.com/stati/osnovy-teori/aushra-metabolizm.html

and then she says,: “Now once again I want to emphasize: none thinking, or two of thinking does not give full thought. Full thinking – 16 thinking.”

That is, in the thought patterns of the whole person should be all 16 matrices and they somehow and somewhere must be bound and placed in a certain order – what?

On this answers the same depth psychology of Jung and others, studied sustainable functional region of the archetypal psyche.

Unfortunately separated from the experience of depth psychology – socionics has not given then create the correct model structure of the psyche,

And now some do – aggressive attitude to any attempts of moving forward, making of A model – abstraction abstraction – turning socionics of science studying the specific processes of the psyche – in just a typology,

of course. Gulenko would be closer to the correct solution of trying to describe the whole person, – he just built blocks in a row according to the degree of manifestation and all! Now it's just a typology which the world is full – like for example psihejogi, Adizes, MBTI and other.

But the model A was conceived not so, it had to reflect exactly the process is quite specific and not abstract, the abstract with the greatest difficulty make an effort to impose it on the whole person, reducing to zero the structure of the psyche

of errors in typing and that the whole person is a complex structure that where there are complex interactions but not so much that used to impose a ban on their learning

And now – still reading this site – bonus!

Attention! Reading the next line – you get access to a simple solution to the many misgivings of the ordinary and even the oldest of socionics, professors of socionics and teachers, those who tipereth and who is puzzled from the results of typing.

So now will be all clear, carefully read several times in these lines, proven multi-year practices, everything is already so it became clear that no doubts of the correctness of this approach. Someone can agree or not, but nature takes its – it's time to move on socionics. So be on the next rung of knowledge:

Recent discoveries in the field of socionics showed that imposed (the second) type this is the type of anima – it dwalen or semi dualen to the mother, and according to the rule of the ban may not overlap and conflict of dual TIM, supervision is imposed rarely, the person thus obtained fairly standard.

So congratulations! Now you are armed with the knowledge which is unavailable or forgotten the other socionics, it will be much easier were typed and interpreted the results, you will be harder to bring down the apparent contradiction between what we see and what precipitously!

Next will be, follow the development of events, and while you are free to use these incredible discoveries, citing authors.

Модель как образуются подтипы или субличности, ведь кроме Анимы есть и другие области психики

Модель A-Z


What will be the explanation of the structure of the psyche according to the synthesis of the teachings of a century of research in the field of depth psychology, and not just mythical “information metabolism” in the vacuum which partially trying to identify with a man, his psyche, his behavior and still do not know what the habit hasty identification.

This is all very interesting and practical!

So the principle of psihotipa name is: the basic matrix is called socionics by Aushra, such as Dreiser, and subtype (the type of the Anima) call on functionality which the individual reaches the values and goals of basic matrix, such as Gabin entrepreneur, or here's an analyst or Gabin video example Dreiser with inclinations Advisor

Why is that – because Gulenko determines often type Anima – When diagnosing puts a person in a confused and often seen with this Anima – He even named types and functional activities – (a) activities for which? for basic matrix programmes – some inner duality – features do not work alone and archetypes as well

и такподробные видео, поясняющие работу ВСЕЙ психики

ссылка на плейлист

well, in the meantime, the clock is ticking,

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