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fourth Quadra – individualist aristocrats.

"Her perception of the world firmly and realistically. It is the most sootvetstvut earth elements. Earth – most conservative, but at the same time and most fertile element. Such, in general, and the atmosphere quadra, which combines the realists, above all who value the stability and firmness of the existence of proven traditions " (Gulenko "Values ​​for Blocks Gulenko").


What happened after the marriage with Cinderella, or Snow White, or with any other main character of love tales? To answer this question is quite simple. If you are not satisfied with "and they lived happily ever after…», and you want to know, what happened next, find any chetvertokvadralny marriage, and you will see, that throughout the life of the characters feelings are not extinguished, not diminished one iota, On the contrary, they have intensified and present, as a taste quality vintage wine. Our idea of ​​the Great Love, that to the grave, and embedded in our literature, Theater and cinema, the love, What is most girls dream, girls and women, is the value of the fourth quadra.

This love we find in the pages of the novels Dzheyn Ostin, Nancy Meyers movies.

But that kind of love in real life, not all receive. Because not all those, who wants to get her, capable of such love.

After the fourth quadra – This is only one part of mankind. In the delta of the nature inherent desire for harmony. Therefore chetvertokvadralnaya love and becomes so poetic.

In the fourth quadra love does not have to be beautiful. But there is always the story and depth of. As representatives of the delta are often conservatives, infidelity in the fourth quadra extremely rare. They are psychologically uncomfortable, and comfort, including internal, It is one of the fundamental values ​​of the delta. At one time there was the fashion for Japanese wives. After his marriage to Dzhona Lenona Yoko Ono, the myth, that the restriction of chetvertokvadralnoy Japan is extremely loyal and very sensual. but Japanese, as a representative of a closed society chetvertokvadralnogo reluctant to marry foreigners. And they, who goes on such a risky step, unlikely to belong to a conservative fourth quadra. Rather, such an act is capable of on a Japanese girl from the first quadra.

The conflict of love is the fourth Quadra is capable of self-denial and self-sacrifice in the name of the beloved (lover). But before that, the delta will fight for the happiness of all her feelings worthy methods. What kind of methods are worthy of this love, It depends on the person. but honor, sense of duty and inclination to self-sacrifice – this is without doubt the delta weakness in all conflicts mezhkvadralnyh.

It is worth noting, that humanism – love for man – formulated the fourth quadra. Of course, can not be said, that the delta is so much loves his species. Rather, she is in love with an artistic image of a man, as it can be.


Fourth war Quadra perceives as stupidity.

From the perspective of the delta, any military intervention in the conflict is a manifestation of poverty of mind.

Mind – the greatest value of the fourth quadra – It does not provide for the use of force in general.

People given to language, that they are engaged in a dialogue, not to offend, and his hands – to create comfort, and not to bear arms.

Great wisdom chetvertokvadralnoy religion Confucianism claims, that the best fight – this is the, which did not take place.

But if the aggression turned against Delta, in the war, she adopts a range of methods, as the most simple and effective. But unlike the third quadra, the fourth can not stop in time, because it is driven by rancor – too chetvertokvadralnaya value, – and waging war to complete victory.

Having embarked on the path of war, fourth quadra very difficult to stop. grudgingly, but society rebuilds under it, accustomed. And the innate conservatism and a constant threat to make it impossible to return to normal life. take, for example, same great nation chetvertokvadralnye Britain and Japan. They had never differed peacefulness. And they, and others in a state of permanent war for centuries. Land of the Rising Sun to the general 1945 years at war for thousands of years. Samurai rope voevali, when Europeans were running in loincloths. There's even formed a certain warrior culture – Buşido. But it was enough to lose outright Japan in World War II, and the UK losing its economic power, the aggressive policy of these countries has sunk into oblivion.

A life.

Fourth Quadra loves to enjoy life. Delta would not seek, at all costs money and power, but can be successful in business, and politics. Chetvertokvadralnaya usually a customer-oriented company, in production and customer service quality management even at the expense of profit. In such an organization work comfortably, but do not earn.

However, the most favorite pastime of representatives of the fourth quadra – It is idle and not thinking about eternity, including all the above thoughts of your humble servant. Delta willingly puts on a mask expert. She is comfortable in this role, because it sounds convincing and appealing to the mind. Besides, fourth quadra good judge of character, He is able to find their motives, and in case of conflict will hit only the weakest point. Delta, as well as gamma, cynical. But unlike the third quadra, where cynicism is a method of achieving the goal, in the fourth, he is an asset and covertly called sober outlook on life. Delio with cynical birthday, so can appreciate the contrast – that is, ideals, and capable of deep feelings and emotions.

Delta is the only of the Blocks, who knows, A what the majority is not always right. And therefore does not accept democratic values. In chetvertokvadralnyh community does not vote, decide, and the delegation of this right, the most competent party.

In life conflicts fourth quadra guided by their own conception of dignity. But if done unworthily against Delta, in the methods themselves do not limit it. Conflict with the dangerous delta, because it is unpredictable and very smart.

God. For the fourth quadra – this Mind, great Logos. In the light of the Logos of the cosmic world is a harmonious whole, dual struggle of opposites. Chetvertokvadralnye religion (Buddhism, Confucianism, daosizm, Shintoism) are teaching that, how to find your way to harmony. They are not intrusive, not involved in the conflict. They are designed to, to understand and explain. What does it mean transitory dispute against the background of the entire cosmos of wisdom? Nothing. That fourth quadra inclined to watch for conflicts, rather than to participate in them.

In conclusion, we note once again, that we do not always become a party to the conflict on their own. But now I hope, that this post will encourage you, dear reader, desire a deeper understanding of the motives of the people around you.


1. +R – good, warm relationship. The psychological factor plays a major role in them. Without ethical values ​​of a positive nature, such as the recognition of religion, individuality and uniqueness of each, non-interference in the internal world of man, concrete humanism and more, stability, they strongly support, hardly possible.
2. -S – there are good conditions for work, lack dskomforta, unwillingness to change the routine of existence, elimination of harmful influence of the environment, – in a word, minimization of negative sensations. In this quadra may not work in rush, much appreciated convenience of the workplace, coordination team. The most important place is given to the environment and clean products.
3. +P – consumption and resource management logic. This is the most thrifty squares, who is able to rationally ptreblyat, preferring quality and sturdy products. For sociotypes this quadra unnatural risk, avral, economic chaos, machinations. Company quality consumer can only be stable.
4. -I – alternative, singularity, sensationalism. Despite its earthing, sotsiotipy this respect unusual quadra, talented people, Suggested alternatives. Anyway, no obstruction to the spread of new information, whatever it may be the avant-garde. Therefore, in a society, located on the fourth stage quadra, periodically erupt Kakini a sensation, outbreaks of interest to the original people and the, what they preach, put forward alternative development ideas.

Delta - reliability, stability, benefit. Traditionalism and conservatism. everyday experience, Eternal values.
Slogans fourth quadra:
– Keep, protect and benefit from the experience, accumulated hundreds of generations of people.
– Conscience, originality, love and trust. Peace and quiet on the ground.
goal: Be necessary and useful. Very much like to teach all: how to live, how to work, how to build relationships with people and so on and so forth.
Resources: First of all it saves resources. To this end, Delta employs advanced technology and highly skilled labor, inventiveness and rationalization of the existing potential in all spheres of life.
The image is the fourth quadra: Winter. Cozy little house. If you look out the window you can see a muted color fireplace, around which gathered all family members.

Very serious people.

From twenty-one to twenty-eight people live adventures; to twenty-eight years, he becomes more alert to, that desire can not be met. People are starting to be interested in more safety and comfort, than adventure and ambition. They begin to get. Formed such basic values ​​as the preservation of health, security, a family, abundance, private property, income, enterprise, labor, order, human rights, independence, democracy, legality, social partnership, spirituality, Vera, education, personal dignity and other. These value orientations are closely linked to the fundamental norms of the society. Delta Quadra - this is the norm of society.

In twenty-eight years old hippies become a homeowner, revolutionary ceases to be revolutionary; they begin to lean towards a settled life, looking for comfort, They tend to have a small bank account. They want small, but arranged house, cozy place to live, security, that, at least, This they have always been a small reserve, to maintain a stable age.
By the adaptation values, reflecting the focus on the elimination of anxiety about physical and economic security, to maintain progress, include the following:
"Preservation of health and strength", "Decent salary and pension", "No need", "confidence in the future", "patience", "Peace of mind and peace", "That there was no fear", "peace, that without blood ", "Stability in society", "Order in the country", etc..
The delta quadra very important advisability, what are you doing. It is not like any other, One of the main issues looks like - what is the use? I say, when I go to the store always look at the content of products, a power structure, from which the product is made. Always check products in the context of price - quality. I have a very annoying, when someone has paid more money, or bought something, that is absolutely not necessary.

In the area of ​​twenty-eight years, people are beginning to turn to insurance companies. They begin to get. Now no longer tramp tramp. He buys a house, He begins to live in it, it becomes civilized. Now he becomes a part of the city, countries, established order. He no longer tramp, not wanderer. Now he will not go to Goa. He's not going anywhere – over, travel had enough; now he wants to settle down and get some rest.

Here again comes to the fore expediency. If it is more expedient to sit at home, in the family, the Delta will make it so. if appropriate, in your vacation somehow shatter, somewhere to go, then again the place to be selected with appropriateness position. analyze hotel, analyze the, what is included in the ticket and make decisions.

Generated values ​​of socialization, due to the focus on other people, to integrate into society, the achievement of a certain social status, to which you can enjoy other types such items as: "a family", "Normal children and grandchildren", "good job", "career", "Large circle of friends", "To appreciate, We loved and understood, "etc..

Deltiytsy love to gather together, not the big companies. They like to discuss the people in general and relations between people in particular. In this case, the nature of the conversation is not so much information, Who, where and with whom, and in the discussion of characters, motives and their attitude to it. All deltiytsy great need of warm relations and friendly relations. But this freedom of choice of the person assigned a very high priority – above passion, love, sometimes even security. No one is keeping force, you want to go – go. It is possible to note one more feature of the Delta – it is a very quiet people. Compared to other quadras – even inert. May be a friendly meeting all day to sit, chat… not coming up with any special entertainment.
In delta, in fact, No one rushes to the leaders, no one seeks to seize power and the reins in their hands, It does not contract the attention on himself, no one demands, no team and no one is forcing. If possible, take into account the wishes and interests of each. And a funny decision-making process, it, of course, not the fastest, but most accommodating. Leader, Of course in the end he somehow determined, extends, even so to speak is not a leader, as an expert in a particular field, and in another area other leader-expert. But again, this leader is not an expert himself conquered yourself these powers, and a group entrusted this power to him.

For thirty-five years the person becomes a part of the traditional world. He begins to believe in tradition, in the past.
There are such values, as values ​​of individualization, appropriate focus on the development of, on self-actualization and have more autonomous character, They were interpreted "self-help", "Intellectual and spiritual development", "activity", "The realization of self in, benefiting people ", "The ability to apply their forces for the benefit of the" clan ", to which belong "etc.

The characteristic negative features of the delta:

– zanudstvo.

"When the mouth opens fourth quadra - you want to yawn," Dumas.
Delta constantly nudit. In the delta of all obsessed with correctness. A correct their regulatory. How to do. How better to.
Delta loves all teach and give advice to all.
Save in the delta, "What to do and how?"And Delta will charge a long monologue on this topic.

– gloominess

Every day the same. If work is to think in terms of work, Speaking about the work, do everything to, that would work became better, manufacturable.
why entertain? Of what avail is it? Why go to the cinema, where you can download movies from the Internet and watch it at home?
Why go to a restaurant, where you can buy food at the store and cook the same, but spending less money?

– skuperdyaystve

Delta, obsessed with saving. Whatever penny to penny. very thrifty. They can not afford any luxuries. Shopping doing very prudently. Not that, that would have liked – I bought. No, in particular the principle of the Delta. For what purpose, I'll buy it?
Therefore, the process of buying a very a long time may be delayed.
It is necessary to view all the options. Calculate the future feasibility of acquiring these things.

expedient, to the core.

Dumas wants to buy ice cream and Huxley immediately reacts:
– Now why should we buy ice cream?
– just want to
– Well, in the same there is no sense! It is better to buy something more useful!
– I just want ice cream!
– ie. do you want a sweet, right?
– are you kidding? I want ice-cream!
– And what kind of ice cream you want?
– delicious!
– It's all delicious!
– Good delicious ice cream. not cheap!
– Come on, I'll buy a kilo of ice cream.
– This is similar to sausage?
– Yes. Very high-quality ice cream.
– Agha cheap((
– Yes, there is no such, just for packaging and advertising is not necessary to overpay spit in bulk is always cheaper ...

– commonness

If the second, rough, the meaning of life in the, then a quarter-point is, that life would be like always, without any surprises. Regular. Do not need any extravagance. It is not necessary nor any frills. All the minimum. You can not get out beyond the appropriate standards.
Why cook a tasty meal? Food – is the nutritional content of the product materials.
If you need energy for the whole day, then eat a product with a high content of fats and carbohydrates.
If a small marathon, it is possible to manage only carbohydrates.
If the whole day plowing, make sure you cram yourself proteins.
If something and do, the only reasonable point of view!

– domesticity

If the same can be done at home. why, somewhere to go?

– increased severity of

If there is no first and second quadra, become too severe.


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